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Improper Elimination and Your Cat's Feelings

Our domestic pets, cats and dogs, have evolved with human beings over thousands of years. Cats have been living in our homes, catching mice, curling up on our laps, and sunning on our windowsills for countless generations. Cats are very intelligent animals and have sensitive feelings which can be affected by both physical and psychological events around them. One of the more subtle reasons why your cat may have decided to use your bed as his or her litter box is that the cat's feelings have been upset in some way.

Is Your Cat Anxious or Unsettled?

Because cats are so astute and sensitive, changes in the household, even relatively minor ones can cause enough of an upset that your cat will begin avoiding the litter box. Should medical problems be ruled out, it could well be that your cat's feelings have been affected.

A cat doesn't start using the general home as a toilet for no reason. If you have found no physical cause for the problem, look into how your household atmosphere can be affecting your cat.

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